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Hey pal… Nice piece… Considering 99% of our population relies on using their GPS in their car/phone and the paper map is going the way of the White Buffalo… For now… you tend to realize the things you take for granted what you lose them as we did in the post hurricane Ida weeks without power/Internet… Even when the Power came back on our outdated fiber optics lines stymied the technicians it kept us out of touch with the electronic world news headlines etc.… This is a great example of what lies ahead… How are people going to handle being without the information provided other telephone/computers etc. when the power goes out for days/weeks/months due to the reoccurring natural disasters that will make it hard for lineman crews to reestablish connections… so the paper map is something that everyone should have a copy of for those times and they will come when you lose power for lengthy periods… A few generations removed from my 72-year-old ass will find themselves in a real pickle because they are not used to living without their trusty phone and the Internet… They will actually have to learn the way us old timers Did prior to The growth of technology turn their phone into a paper map… I still have the old trusty atlas but the one I treasure the most is the one CARL gave me of an island in Panama where are he actually drew the island and put an X on the location of the wreck … PS… I did see CARL’s response to my email by scrolling down the email you wrote to him… The poor man is obsessed and filled with hate From the news/opinionated falls from the right when spoon (Stir the shit) TV/radio stations that brainwash the mass of the idiots that follow these UNIX and winos on the opinion side of Fox plus the guys like Alex Jones (Sandy Hook never happened) asswipes that appeal to the anger and distrust of government in the scared bunch of miss guided Republicans who by the way feed them the bullshit that actually works against them and they still vote for these ass wipes… Yes my dear I’m a true believer in the dumbing down of America and these guys are living proof it actually worked… Love you and BTW did you ever find any extra footage of me For the Book website?

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